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Arnold Trading Company LTD. is an Israeli company, operating since 1971 and delivering a portfolio of products, solutions and services to the local industries and vendors.


The company acts as an exclusive representative and distributer for a variety of reputed worldwide corporations from the U.S.A, Europe and Asia.


Arnold is well established in the Israeli market as suppliers to private industries, wholesalers, and the Israeli government and its subsidiaries.


We are proud of maintaining a team of highly qualified professionals, providing an excellent level of service and support.


The company is consistently offering new and innovative technologies in order to meet its customer's needs for greater performance, efficiency and quality in an increasingly challenging environment.

Arnold Levy

Founder & Director General

Contact us:


Address: 6 Hamachtesh st., Holon Industrial Area, Israel 5881003



Mailing Address:  P.O.B. 377, Holon, Israel 5810301


Tel: +972 (0)3 5581313

Fax: +972 (0)3 5581317

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